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Currently all classes are taught by Joe Lamothe. Joe is an NRA Certified Handgun safety and Marksmanship instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, NCDOJ Certified Concealed Carry instructor. The class is $75.00 per person and is mandated by the state of NC to have a minimum of 8 hours of classroom instruction plus time to qualify on the range. The classes are generally offered on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Classes start at 9:00 AM and normally run to around 5:30 or 6:00PM and includes classroom and shooting on the same day. The shooting portion is held on a private range under tightly controlled conditions. If you have a group that would like to schedule a special training session, that can be arranged – just contact us to make arrangements.

Classes are held in the Scout hut of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) church located at:
605 West Ehringhaus Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

To contact Joe concerning the class, please call or email.
Phone: 252-333-6348
Email:Click here to email us



General Concealed Carry information and Laws

Effective December 1, 2011, North Carolina automatically recognizes concealed carry permits issued in any other state.

The NC CCW permit is currently recognized as a valid permit for the purpose of concealed carry of handguns by the following states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. Colorado
  6. Delaware
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Idaho
  10. Indiana
  11. Iowa
  12. Kansas
  13. Kentucky
  14. Louisiana
  15. Michigan
  16. Mississippi
  17. Missouri
  18. Montana
  19. Nebraska
  20. Nevada
  21. New Hampshire
  22. New Mexico
  23. North Dakota
  24. Ohio
  25. Oklahoma
  26. Pennsylvania
  27. South Carolina
  28. South Dakota
  29. Tennessee
  30. Texas
  31. Utah
  32. Virginia
  33. Washington
  34. West Virginia
  35. Wyoming

In North Carolina concealed handguns MAY NOT be carried:

  • In law enforcement or correctional facilities such as a prison
  • In financial institutions such as a bank
  • In any space occupied by state or federal employees, including state and federal courthouses
  • In schools or on school grounds*
  • In areas of assemblies, parades, funerals or demonstrations**
  • In any place where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed (such as some restaurants)
  • In any area where concealed handguns are prohibited by federal law
  • In any place of business that has posted a sign banning concealed weapons on its premises
  • By any person while consuming alcohol or while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances (unless obtained legally and taken as directed by a physician).

*Effective October 1, 2013, unless prohibited by a private school, a concealed handgun permittee may store a handgun in the person’s locked vehicle or in a locked container securely fixed to the person’s vehicle while on campus. It may NOT be carried on the person.

**Effective October 1, 2013, unless posted as being prohibited, a concealed handgun permittee may possess a concealed handgun while at a parade or funeral.


To possess a concealed handgun in North Carolina, you must:

  • Carry your permit and a valid form of identification with you at all times.
  • Disclose the fact that you have a valid concealed handgun permit when you are approached or addressed by any law enforcement officer in North Carolina.
  • Inform the officer that you are in possession of a concealed handgun.
  • Present both the permit and valid identification at the request of an officer

NOTE: You should not attempt to display either your weapon or your permit unless directed to by an officer.

Permit holders should know that while they can legally carry a concealed handgun while visiting these states, they’re subject to that state’s laws state and are responsible for learning about those laws. Out-of-state permit holders should familiarize themselves with North Carolina’s laws.