FFL Transfers

North Carolina FFL Transfers
FFL Transfer fees and requirements

Many times after you figure in transfer fees, shipping and handling, and the hassle involved it is quicker, simpler and cheaper to simply purchase from your local dealer. However, if that is not possible, then an FFL transfer may be just the ticket.

There is a $50 per firearm transfer fee. If ordering or shipping multiple firearms at once we may give you a discount. If you want to be sure, ask.

YOU are responsible for any taxes, duties, shipping charges, handling or any other fees associated with the transfer of the firearm. We ONLY handle receiving the firearm, and the transfer paperwork involved. If you are not able to take delivery of the firearm, you are still responsible for the transfer fee. Make sure you can legally take ownership of the firearm(s) in question before having them shipped.

We ONLY accept transfers from a licensed FFL (dealer). We DO NOT accept transfers from private individuals. All transfers must originate and terminate at a licensed FFL dealer.

We will ONLY accept firearms transfers sent via UPS (preferred) or FedEx.

If receiving a handgun (pistol or revolver) you will need either a valid NC concealed carry permit, or a NC Pistol Purchase Permit (1 pistol purchase permit per handgun). All handguns MUST be sent second day air or faster by law. All Firearms of any type MUST be shipped to require adult signature upon delivery.

No firearms will be released to anyone other than the person named on the receipt shipped with the firearm. The individual who comes in to fill out the 4473 paperwork for the firearm MUST be the actual purchaser of the firearm.

We require that the FFL who will be shipping the firearm to us mail or email us a signed and legible copy of their valid FFL BEFORE we send them a copy of ours. This helps to ensure we will have a copy of their FFL when the firearm arrives.

Even when shipping or receiving firearms that you already own (as when you are moving or shipping firearms for a hunt/vacation), you will have to submit to a background check, and fill out a form 4473, which is the same process as if you were buying a firearm. If you ship handguns, you will have to follow the same procedures as detailed in step 5.

If shipping a firearm through us, the same rules above apply. Additionally you should know:

We ONLY ship FedEx or UPS (UPS preferred).

We charge the actual shipping amount, plus the transfer fee.

If you do not package the firearm, or do not package it adequately additional packing charges may apply. When shipping, DO NOT seal the package the firearm is shipping in. We have to examine it and record the make/model/serial before we ship it and insure it. We cannot (by law) just take your word for it.

We will insure the firearm for the value you tell us. If it is damaged or lost you will have to file a claim with the carrier for the damage or replacement costs. We are not responsible once it leaves our store.

If shipping a handgun, it MUST ship second day air or faster by law.

We only ship to FFL (dealers). We MUST have a copy of their valid FFL on file before we ship the firearm(s) out.

If returning a firearm to the factory for warranty repair we may charge less than our standard FFL transfer rate. If you purchased the firearm from us, there is NO FFL TRANSFER FEE for factory returns, only actual shipping charges. In some cases we may be able to contact the manufacturer for you and see if they will cover the shipping fees for problems with new firearms.